Colored ConcreteMany homeowners are interested in finding ways to increase the value of their home. That can include intrinsic value or how much they enjoy their property or it can refer to real estate value if they are interested in selling, renting, or even refinancing their existing mortgage. Colored concrete is an excellent way to add visual interest and value to any property. Below, the techniques of stamped concrete, colored concrete, and other treatments will be discussed with an eye to how they benefit homeowners.

Varieties of Treatment

Adding a color or texture to landscaping concrete, patios, RV pads and even enclosed sun rooms can brighten any property. Stamped concrete allows individuals to design durable, patterned or tinted landscaping plans that endure with each season. Curbs and bed retainers can be patterned and tinted with the appearance of brick or stone, but with greater durability than other edging materials. Homeowners could even gently tint durable concrete pathways to mimic the colors of water in a seasonally arid environment such as Utah. This provides relief for the eye without the costly upkeep of a garden water feature.

Colored concrete floors can even be designed for indoor and indoor/outdoor design treatments. Contrary to popular conception, stamped and color treated concrete can appear both elegant and unique when it’s professionally done. Acid colored concrete is one method that produces fantastic results that can be tailored to a client’s needs and tastes. The floor can then be left unsealed or sealed in a high-gloss finish that gives the floor added protection from everyday spills and wear. It makes an ideal treatment on a patio or porch floor for homeowners who enjoy regular entertaining. The neighbors will be quite impressed.

Benefits of Concrete

Concrete PatioVisual interest has already been explored. This is the primary benefit of treated concrete—to relieve and delight the gaze. However, concrete is also far more durable than many other types of edging and surface treatments available. It requires less maintenance in any application. Curbing and retaining borders hold up better than those built of stone, metal, vinyl and masonry materials. Floors that are stamped or colored and sealed do not require the laborious refinishing that marble does. Nor are they subject to chipping and cracking in the way tile inevitably will. However, concrete is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing comfortable use all year round.

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