Stamped and Colored CurbHomeowners often devote a significant portion of time and attention to their outdoor real estate. This can include a substantial budget if they’re determined to have certain features or maintain complex landscape plans. One way to both trim dollars from that cost outlay as well as enhance durability is to invest in stamped concrete curbing. Durability is essential for semi- and permanent outdoor features in varied climates, where temperatures and weather conditions can vary significantly throughout the year. Stamped concrete curbing in Utah is a good investment with a number of applications, which this article will explore more thoroughly.

What is Stamped Concrete Curbing?

Stamped concrete curbing in Utah can be designed to resemble flagstones, decoratively patterned bricks, and even complex mosaic-like arrangements. This is because stamped curbing can be tinted and printed to meet the needs of the homeowner—as well as antiqued by using a tinted release agent for the stamps. The look of brick or stone curbs can be had without the necessary maintenance costs for such materials. These outdoor finishing techniques add value and visual appeal to any home.

How is a Stamped Concrete Curbing Cost Effective?

If homeowners are exploring the option of a stamped concrete curbing and are comparing it to other materials, an important factor should be cost over time. Bricks and stone have grout joints between them. Over time, these joints develop cracks if not properly maintained, and weeds find them ideal places to sprout. This can lead to some major instability in the underpinning of the surface or curb.

The beauty of stamped curbing in Utah is that there are no joints to worry about. Plus, a stamped curbing will also prove resilient to the varied climate of that beautiful land. Unlike a grouted surface with many discrete parts, concrete slabs possess greater elasticity in the face of temperature and precipitation shifts.

Homeowners should be aware of the substantial savings available to them when using stamped curbing in Utah. It is beautiful, almost infinitely customizable, and costs a fraction of what other materials do. This approach offers flexibility and longevity, two things that are essential to any home, both in the abstract and the concrete.

All About Curb offers stamped concrete curbing in Utah and Salt Lake counties. Stamped curbing is available for the slant style and square style curbing. There are a wide variety of colors and stamp styles to choose from.  Don’t hesitate to contact All About Curb for a free estimate. We service all areas of Salt Lake and Utah counties.  Call us today at 801-369-4423!!

Stamped curbing around a tree

Stamped curbing around rocks

Stamped curbing around a house

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