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Don’t Just Dream of Spring: Planning Your Next Garden Upgrade

Curbing Around a PatioWinter is a time of rest for the garden. Beneath the surface, spring bulbs prepare for the return of sunlight and soft rain. There is a stillness in the air that magnifies the calls of birds and a clarity of form, as bare tree branches and bare annual planting beds wait for their time of renewal. However, homeowners who know the importance of maintaining curb appeal are anything but idle during the long cold season. Whether you’re planning to showcase your home in the spring or merely want to enhance the beauty of your Nest, now is the time to design and dream.

Expert Advice and Resources

While we applaud the DIY warriors of our community, at All About Curb, we also understand the benefits that having expert input can offer. That’s why we put all of our considerable design and material resources at the service of our clientele. Our team of designers can provide perspective and experience to ensure that your next project exceeds your standards. Together, we can provide your exterior space with form and definition that will take your curb appeal to the next level.

Color Your Curb or Blaze a Path

Stamped and Colored CurbingOur specialty is concrete. At All About Curb, we pride ourselves on knowing all the latest trends and techniques about its use. While our product is specially mixed to prevent erosion and efflorescence over time, making it superior to older mixtures and ideal for use in your landscaping projects, it also has other benefits.

Landscaping curb is an excellent alternative to metal or masonry when it comes to defining your planting beds. It holds up to whatever the seasons send its way without rusting, eroding or cracking. Plus, our team will work with you to select a color that perfectly compliments your garden design. If you have your heart set on masonry, we have a selection of concrete stamps that provide the look of brick or stone without the fuss of the real thing from herringbone brick or rustic fieldstone.

Our team at All About Curb is proud to be a part of the community. We’ve helped many homeowners increase the curb appeal and equity of their property over the years, and are excited to offer our services to you. If you’re ready to begin planning your landscape upgrades, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.

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The Physics of Salt and Water: Efflorescence and Cracking in Older Concrete

You can feel the approach of winter in the air. The days are growing shorter and our cold season has begun here in Utah. In this entry, we would like to talk about two pressing issues that face homeowners with older concrete on their property. While patios, pathways, and garden curbing can add allure and value to your land, when these fall into disrepair, they become both an eyesore and a potential hazard. At All About Curb, we believe in maximizing the beauty and value of your outdoor space, whether you’re settling in for decades or have decided it’s time to look for your next nest.

Salt and Water, Time and Temperature

As we said, there are two significant issues we’d like to tackle in this article—salt efflorescence and the impact of water infiltration in your concrete. Older homes have pathways, driveways, and patios that contain less advanced concrete. Over time, salt works its way out of the set mixture to emerge as white, flaky patches. While these may seem innocuous, what is occurring is not. You’re witnessing the slow degradation of the concrete matrix.

What’s happening is that salt crystals push through the dried concrete, creating minuscule voids as they go. Once the white patches appear on the surface, you may be confident that flaking and cracking of the concrete is the next step. These tiny voids paired with the damaged surface integrity are perfect pathways for water to get into the core of the concrete. When paired with the deep cold of Utah winters, this is a recipe for more significant problems and structural instability.

Because of its unique molecular characteristics, water expands when it freezes. This is how it fractures enormous boulders in the mountains and how it will fracture your pavement. Perhaps the most positive aspect of this process is that it takes time. A single season won’t leave your pathways or patios in ruins, but it could render them unsightly. And when it comes to curb appeal, that’s the last thing you want. All About Curb has the perfect solution to this minor nightmare. Our concrete is made with a unique admixture and the most advanced concrete technology—which means that you won’t see salt efflorescence and water intrusion is extremely unlikely in the years to come. In essence, our concrete has a longer and more beautiful lifespan.

We’re proud to offer this solution to the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, which we’ve served for many years. If you’re ready to replace your patchy or cracked walks, paths, and landscape curbing, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.

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Extending the Season: Greenhouses and Sunrooms Need a Firm Foundation

Garden CurbingAutumn brings bright days interspersed with stormy weather. It’s a time of year in which most homeowners are focused on putting their gardens to bed for the coming cold season. But fall is also a time to complete projects that can extend your enjoyment of life beyond the confines of your home. Whether you’re planning on putting your home up for sale in the coming year or have no wish to relocate for years to come, adding a sun-room, conservatory or a greenhouse can add to both your home’s value and your time in the sun.

Specific Intentions

Most might not distinguish between these three different types of structures, but they do vary in use and construction. What they all require, and what we at All About Curb are ready to install, is a solid foundation. Our skilled concrete artisans can help you design, locate, and implement this most important feature of any outdoor structure so that your room will suit your needs and perform its function in the best way possible.

The reason we would differentiate between sunrooms and conservatories and functional greenhouses is their particular use and needs. Sunrooms are, as your architect will tell you, adjoining structures that often have knee walls or partially solid construction. They are a direct extension of your home.

Conservatories lie in the gray area between sunrooms and greenhouses and are typically made of a metal framework with glass panes. These rooms also tend to be located as adjoining structures or nearby your main dwelling space. They are also typically slightly more formal than sunrooms, and the floor of yours may benefit from our beautiful concrete patterns and tints. Consulting with our design team, you can create a veritable work of art.

Vegetables and Flowers All Year

Sun-RoomWhile the two other types of external structures are primarily used for entertaining and living activities, greenhouses are a bit different. Whether you aim to erect a less expensive structure or are going all out, a firm foundation is essential. For permanent greenhouses, allowance for floor drains may also be desirable.

All About Curb craftspeople are not only capable of designing and pouring a greenhouse pad for you; we are excited about it. A greenhouse is a place in which the magic of the garden can be extended. Many people enjoy growing tropical plants such as orchids or bromeliads all year round in temperate climates, but you can also supply your table with fresh vegetables and fruits. Plus, greenhouse design and layout is often easier for those who aren’t able to kneel or bend in the vegetable garden, with elevated planting tables and vertical gardening racks.

If you’re dreaming of lush moisture and bright sun in the depths of winter, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. There’s no time like the present to start your greenhouse or sun-room project, and we are here to help.

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Out with the Old, But What’s New?: Replacing Aging Concrete Surfaces

Curbing Around Flower BedThe summer is moving towards autumn, and many homeowners in Utah are winding down from a season of outdoor fun and celebration. Now is the time for relaxation and putting ideas for renovation into motion. Curb appeal is one of the primary factors of a home’s value. However, it isn’t always about adding something new or unexpected to your outdoor landscape. Today, we’ll explore keeping the form of your gardens and exterior living space while reinvigorating it with better materials.

Old Concrete

We’re all familiar with that sign of nature’s perseverance—the wildflower pushing up through the cracks in a sidewalk. While many will either leave it to grow or extricate it for aesthetic reasons, fissured walks and driveways represent some serious structural concerns and safety hazards. Water is a powerful force that makes canyons of mountains and shifts billions of tons of sediment across the face of the continent. Once it finds a way to work under and through your existing concrete, seemingly solid surfaces become unstable. You may see uplift or erosion in walkways or driveways, which can cause problems ranging from a nasty fall to potholes large enough to damage your car.

Now is the time to have cracked and uneven pathways removed, while the warm and beautiful weather is still with us. But what will you put in its place? Will you opt for a new walkway in an unchanged color and texture? We at All About Curb know that sometimes, consistency is the most comforting feature of your outdoor design. What won’t be consistent is quality. Our concrete is simply superior to that used in the past because it contains a unique admixture that will prevent salt efflorescence and moisture intrusion into the fabric of your walkway.

Flexible With Impressions

Square CurbingIf you’re ready to have a new driveway poured, why not add a flourish of elegance? We see it in many of the affluent neighborhoods. It lends a sense of gracious boundaries and can even give a property a more settled feeling to the browsing eye of the home buyer. This mystery feature isn’t mysterious at all, simply a tinted concrete apron where your driveway meets the street, often with the impression of bricks, slates, cobbles or a mosaic design. Our expert craftspeople can help you decide which pattern and color best suits your needs and style.

We’ve long been a part of the communities in Salt Lake and Utah counties, helping families build the beautiful ambiance they desire. If you’re ready to install a new walkway or driveway, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.  It’s our privilege to assist you.

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Additional Appeal: Using Borders and Small Projects

Flat Concrete PadCurb appeal matters, whether you’re selling your home or intend to put down roots for the foreseeable future. Summer is one of the best times to complete projects focused on freshening up your outdoor space. New planting beds have time to settle in before the chill of autumn descends and landscaping projects lose their new edges, becoming a part of a harmonious whole. Below, we’ll explore a few easy ways to enliven your landscape this season.

The Add-On Technique

Many homeowners are proud that they keep their concrete driveways and walkways in good repair. But design experts successfully challenge the concept that all concrete must be bland and gray. If your concrete is in great shape, but you’re seeking ways to add interest, consider adding borders. All About Curb has the essential expertise and materials to add visual allure to any approach.

You can craft borders to driveways and sidewalks with many beautiful materials. However, using individual stones can cause problems with differential settling rates. This method leads to uneven and potentially dangerous surfaces that can cause injuries. At All About Curb, we’ve given considerable thought to problems like this. The solution is concrete, of course. We can pour, tint, and pattern borders in any width to create the impact you want, whether you’re dreaming of a brick border or a field stone effect to draw the eye towards your home.

Garden Pathways

Stamped CurbingWhile concrete landscaping curbs are excellent ways to contain your planting beds, you may want to forestall that investment for another season. Not to worry, you can still add visual interest to your property with a poured pathway. Our design team will work with you to achieve a pleasing and efficient design before implementation.

You can choose from a nearly-infinite array of colors and impressed patterns, without the hassle of hours spent shopping for pavers and materials. We pour our pathways, which means that you won’t have to worry about uplift or replacing individual sections that become damaged at a later time. Whether you’re dreaming of a serene Monet theme for your garden or want a crisp and modern pathway to tie your landscaping concepts into a harmonious whole, we can assist.

If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space, either with small touches or ambitious projects, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. As a proud part of communities in Salt Lake and Utah counties, we are here to meet your landscaping needs with concrete support.

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The Shape of Summer: Patios and Ponds from All About Curb

As we approach midsummer, long days are often matched by soaring temperatures. This is definitely the season for evenings spent with friends under the open sky, but that pastime requires a suitable space for entertaining. Dedicated outdoor living areas add both value and beauty to any home. Let’s explore a couple of the ways in which our expert concrete craftspeople at All About Curb can help you shape your own summer oasis.

The Patio Is Where the Party Is

If you’ve been on the fence about creating an outdoor space large enough to accommodate friends, family, and neighbors for a social event, never fear. Our concrete experts are also adept at creative design techniques, and can assist you in crafting a patio that serves the purpose beautifully.

Many homeowners may be trapped in the concept of concrete as dull, rough, and gray, but it need be none of those things. We can pour your patio to specifications, complete with your favorite color scheme. Then, we’ll get to work applying stamping. We use a variety of patterns to mimic different materials, including fieldstone, brickwork, terrazzo, and many more.

Cool Shade, Moving Water

Water FeatureAnother exceedingly popular feature of many outdoor spaces is the inclusion of shaded Koi ponds. The Chinese carp is a symbol of transformation and potential held in reserve, but they are also a joy to watch. We at All About Curb know that, while prefabricated liners are touted as more durable, a poured concrete pond complete with coping around its edge is more cost effective. Not only is it often less expensive in the project stage, it also withstands all that the seasons can send its way.

Imagine if you will, a beautiful oasis of shade and dappled sunlight. Lozenges of reflected brilliance sequin the deeper shade of established planting beds, and a spacious seating area accommodates family or guests in comfort. Beneath the surface of a pond spread with water lilies, the graceful bodies of several fish turn slow circles. It’s a restful scene that is easily brought to life by our team of artisans, who work to realize your ideal outdoor creation.

As a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, All About Curb knows the value of excellence and consistency. If you’re ready to shape your outdoor space to meet your dreams, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. We take pride in each project we bring to life, knowing its present and future value to homeowners.

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House Driveway

Concrete and Conservation: Indigenous Plants and Water-Wise Concepts

House Walk WayHigh summer can be a thirsty time in parts of Utah, with the exception of areas in the Wasatch Mountains. And while not all of our great state is considered a semi-arid environment, conservation of that most precious resource is something for everyone to consider. Concrete is a surprisingly environmentally friendly building material when used in the appropriate contexts, and our gifted team at All About Curb has made it a priority to learn all they can about how to apply this material. In the article below, we’ll talk about curb appeal, conservation, and budget-friendly methods to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor living spaces.

Xeriscaping Philosophies: Not Just for the Desert

While the true incarnation of this landscaping technique is most applicable to arid environments, such as those found farther south, it can be partially applied to any garden or landscape plot. Xeriscaping is a concept in which little or no irrigation is necessary. There are several ways to achieve this. First, by omitting exceptionally thirsty plants, such as lawns, homeowners in arid environments need not endlessly water.

While lawns are more easily maintained in many parts of northern Utah, there’s another part of the philosophy that can assist homeowners in conserving water. Using native plants or those from similar environments, you can rely primarily on local rainfall to keep your landscaping beds vibrant and beautiful. However, at All About Curb, we also understand that certain plants and trees not native to Utah or the Intermontane West bring beauty and a sense of peace to many garden designs.

Concrete to the Rescue

PatioUsing concrete as a bordering or constraining medium for elevating planting beds can actually prove beneficial for non-native trees, shrubs, and flowers. Elevated planters that provide ample room for bedding plants root systems also slow moisture loss. That means you don’t need to water as frequently and can customize the soil profile to include a moisture control mixture. A similar approach to ornamental trees that utilizes an above-ground concrete structure without a bottom can also aid in moisture retention.

If you’re ready to craft a beautiful garden design that includes both hardy indigenous plants and more exotic ornamental species, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. All About Curb has become a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, and we are proud to serve. We bring design expertise and an eye for beauty to every project, ensuring your enduring satisfaction.

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Garden Paradise: Concrete Planters and Ornamental Trees

Spring is one of the two times of year considered ideal to plant ornamental trees in your garden. Beyond the benefits and beauty of trees indigenous to your region, ornamentals offer a spectacular blooming period, often followed by attractive foliage during the summer and autumn months. However, they almost always require special care, especially if you live in an arid or semi-arid environment. If you’re interested in enlivening your home’s curb appeal with ornamental trees or large shrubs, we’ll discuss some of the ways you can protect your investment with concrete.

Raised Tree Planters

While landscapers are cautious about regarding existing landscapes, especially when it comes to creating tree wells or raised beds, concrete planters easily avoid this issue. Unlike projects that work with the level of the land and alter it to meet aesthetic designs, our team at All About Curb can integrate spacious planting containers into a patio or pathway design. Because we take into account features of the landscape such as grade and drainage potential when designing a patio or path, curb or planting bed, a concrete tree planter presents no practical challenges.

But what aesthetic benefits do raised tree planters offer? In the case of ornamental trees or large shrubs, these containers can be placed anywhere. Ring your beautiful new patio with Japanese Maples or Vitex trees to create a beautiful, shady ambiance. Conversely, they can be placed anywhere on your property, allowing you to create a garden concept that is unique to your home. Our concrete expertise will also allow you to customize color and patterned impressions of this supremely durable material, so you can look forward to many years of trouble-free, beautiful design.

Healthy Trees

Raised concrete planters also allow you to tailor the soil content and irrigation options. Many ornamentals need special care, especially if they aren’t accustomed to our climate here in Utah. Unlike working with the land directly, you can calibrate the soil composition and provide more or less drainage for your ornamentals, depending on their needs.

Additionally, in the event of trouble with your trees, assessing the source of the problem is far simpler. Because of the completely open nature of in-ground plantings, issues may arise from contaminated runoff, fungal vectors or insect infestations, and poor nutrient retention. Assessment and treatment of issues with ornamental trees in their own semi-contained raised planters reduces the scope of issues you must consider, and you can treat the problem more directly.

If you’re ready to craft your beautiful new garden concept, call us at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.  We are proud to have served the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties for all their concrete needs. At All About Curb, concrete isn’t just about structure; it’s also about beauty.

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From Curb Dreams to Concrete Realities: Springtime Projects in the Garden

Stained PatioSpring is nearly here. It’s a time of year full of anticipation, when many begin to implement their plans for the garden. However, the end of winter can be just as important to homeowners. The last few weeks before warmer weather comes to stay are vital. They provide a space in which to lay the garden foundations that will give it a pleasing shape all year round. At All About Curb, it’s one of our favorite times to work with new clients on projects such as landscape curbing or concrete curbing that will enhance the value of their property and their enjoyment of it in the months to come.

Redefining Planting Beds

As the long winter months draw to a close, it’s a great time to install concrete curbing in Utah, retaining walls or bedding curbs. These will give shape and provide a dramatic definition to your overall landscape design guaranteed to draw admiring looks from all who pass by. We offer several styles of curbing, which are designed to prevent earth shifting over the course of the seasons.

Additionally, we can install concrete that will fool the most experienced garden gnome with patterns and tints to mimic a variety of other materials. Fieldstone, slate, and brick are all wonderful materials, but they tend to chip, fracture, or travel over time. With concrete pressed and tinted to perfection, you can enjoy the look of these without the worry.

Here Comes the Sun

Garden CurbingAs the seasons change, many turn their attention to outdoor living space as well as garden design. A welcoming outdoor living area is an important feature of any beautiful home in this scenic state, and now is a great time to bring your dreams to life. We can pour a patio or sun porch foundation floor in no time, which leaves enough room in your calendar to implement other parts of your master plan.

Your new patio will be the site of many future barbecues and relaxing visits with friends or family. Patterns and tints are easily incorporated, so you can also express your personality in a way that will last, whether it’s the appearance of tastefully patterned brickwork or a vibrant sun motif.

Our team at All About Curb is proud to be a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties. We’ve helped many homeowners bring their gardens to life and put finishing touches on concrete projects in and around their homes. There isn’t a project we aren’t proud to have been a part of, and we look forward to helping you bring your curb appeal to the next level. If you’re ready to begin planning your next project, call us at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.

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Fire Pit in Autumn

A Season for Bulbs and Bonfires: Autumn Landscaping with Concrete

Front Door of Home in AutumnAutumn is in full swing in Utah. While this may not be the first season many homeowners think of when it comes to outdoor projects, it’s one of the best. Landscaping and gardening follow a seasonal round in response to the changes wrought by the planet’s axial tilt, but there’s never a better time to install foundational elements to enhance the curb appeal and equity of property than autumn.

Fall Is a Time to Plant and Plan

Any good gardener knows that the days before the first good, hard freeze are the best time to plant new beds of flower bulbs. In spring, these will emerge, often the first and loveliest of flowers. However, a good bedding plan is essential to maximize the impact of these beauties. Raised beds need sound structure in order to assist the plants within them to flourishing abundance.

Depending on the desired landscaping effect, the height of your bedding wall could be a simple curb or a more ambitious retaining wall. In any event, your chosen building material will determine the flexibility and scale of your overall design. This is where concrete comes into play. As a material, it is both incredibly durable and flexible. A poured concrete bedding border of any height will withstand the immense pressures of water, soil, and growing plants, while also being flexible enough to accommodate the seasonal freeze-thaw expansion of the soil within it.

A Season for Bonfire Cheer

Outside Patio Fire in AutumnWhile the days have grown shorter and the nights more intensely cold, autumn is a season of outdoor splendor in Utah. The majesty of nature deepens as the earth tilts towards winter. That means that outdoor entertainments are still the choice for many. Patios built to maximize natural shelter points around your property can be designed for bonfire parties. Set up a metal brazier or design a more permanent fire pit, which will light up your evenings and echo the warmth of friendship.

Here, concrete also suggests itself for its sturdiness and versatility. Patio spaces can be poured to most shapes and sizes, and we can stamp or tint it to your specification. At All About Curb, we’re passionate about the versatility of our chosen material. Not only will it stand up to whatever the elements can send it, it can also be crafted to resemble a number of materials, such as stone or masonry.

If you’re ready to add equity and curb appeal to your home with a fresh autumn project, simply contact us at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. Our team of expert craftspeople will guide you through the process from concept design to implementation. We’ve been a part of the communities of Utah and Salt Lake counties for many years, and it’s our privilege to help you design the landscape concept of your dreams.

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