Putting the Garden to Bed: Late Autumn and Landscaping Projects

Late autumn is a time of year when pansies look their best, and the rest of the garden settles in for a long winter’s nap. It’s also a great time to put significant projects to bed before snow and ice descend with a will. For many homeowners, curb appeal plays a large part in property valuation, whether they’re seeking to sell or settling in for years to comes. At All About Curb, we know that sprucing up landscaping isn’t merely a warm weather occupation. We’re passionate about all the applications for concrete, from the details of color and texture to significant landscaping projects.

Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm

House Walk WayWhile there are a number of ways homeowners can delineate their planting beds, concrete curbs are both cost-effective and more permanent than most. Not only will our special concrete stand the test of time, but we can also add any color or pattern desired for a truly stunning impression.

Another added benefit of using concrete in lieu of other edging materials comes to light when considering maintenance. Soil is heavy and, over time, other edging materials can bow to this weight. Even metal edging will bend and require replacement. Not so with concrete. Our landscape curbing remains just as beautiful in the years to come as it is on day one.

Drawing the Gaze with Color and Pattern

While there is nothing wrong with an unadorned curb or garden pathway, you may want to explore your options. Tints and prints open so many avenues of expression while helping to keep costs low. The creative team at All About Curb can help you design a truly stunning landscape using our customized tinting and impressions.

House Walk WayIf you want a fieldstone or brick pathway, but would prefer not to invest in the involved engineering and future upkeep that such materials require, we can help. Poured concrete can be tinted and impressed to simulate almost any material. Plus, over time it will retain its smart appearance. Whether you have a large or small plot, we can help you make the most of it by crafting a plan that fits your needs.

If you’ve been putting off sprucing up the underlying structure of your landscaping, delay no more. Large projects need not be tedious or expensive, and with our assistance, they’ll take no time at all. Call us today at 801-369-4423 for your free estimate. Over the years, we’ve come to feel a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, and we can’t wait to work with you.

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Autumn as a Second Spring: Concrete Tasks to Do in Fall

Most property owners know that spring is a season for showcasing the virtues of their extramural spaces. Whether it’s to entice prospective buyers with the beauty of landscaping or to display pride of ownership and help boost property value in the long term, curb appeal is real. At All About Curb, we love to help communities put their best foot forward when it comes to garden curbs, pathways, patios, and other home projects. For these, fall is one of our favorite seasons.

Every Leaf a Flower

Curbing in AutumnAutumn is often viewed as a time of winding down, of finishing essential projects and making ready to meet winter’s chill. While we do advise that significant projects be completed during a time when most of the garden’s denizens are battening down the hatches, it can also be a season of extraordinary beauty. Curb appeal projects can genuinely shine during these months, and we’ll be exploring some examples to enhance the appearance or appraisal of your property.

To Direct the Eye or Give It Rest

For those with a more considerable property, the cultural idea of a smooth, unbroken lawn might seem appealing. However, as most residents of Utah know, it’s not necessarily practical or friendly to the environment. Real estate experts will also advise that a large yard benefits from spaces and features that provide visual interest. The added benefit of such elements is that homeowners can employ more cost-effective landscape concepts and provide native flora and fauna a friendly space.

One way to accomplish all goals desirable to homeowners is to construct planting beds filled with mixes of perennial and annual plants, many of which are hardy native species. While these can be raised to provide ease of access to the homeowner, they need not be. However, whether at ground level or above, our patented concrete mixture offers a superior and sustainable way to set beds apart from the lawn or other significant background material. It also provides an excellent and lasting form of landscape edging impervious to weeds.

Well Done

Curbing in AutumnIn the West, many trees fare better if homeowners help them to maximize moisture and nutrients. This is true of both exotic ornamentals and hardy native denizens. While traditional tree wells are dug into the ground in order to capture dew and use gravity to help water the root systems, slightly elevated wells bound by landscape curbing or low knee walls can also accomplish this goal. Along with our many tint and print options for concrete curbs, paths, and raised bed walls, these can make any yard stand apart as a gem of the neighborhood.

If landscape upgrades are in season for you this autumn, call the experts at All About Curb for all your concrete needs at 801-369-4423. It is our privilege to serve the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, and we are excited to help you realize your property improvement dreams.

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Pouring a New Driveway: Curb Appeal and Functional Safety All in One

When contemplating various approaches to curb appeal, many homeowners may feel that spring is the best season to show off upgrades or improvements. While that season definitely provides more to work with regarding garden plants or the blooming cycle of ornamental trees and shrubs, it certainly isn’t the only time of year to add equity to a property through improvements. Autumn provides relatively dry, stable weather patterns that can work to the homeowner’s advantage with large concrete projects, such as pouring a new driveway. Today, we’ll discuss which of these improvements are best tackled now and why.

Water, Winter, and Cracked Concrete

PatioAll About Curb is a company of individuals who are passionate about concrete and its use to improve each property in a number of ways. While we are excited to suggest design upgrades for planting beds with our patented concrete formula, there’s a more significant issue that should be tackled first—those cracks in the driveway and the front walk. It’s essential that they not be permitted to grow and develop.

As homeowners prepare their property for winter, there are specific tasks and to-dos that must be accomplished before cold weather and winter precipitation. One of these is ensuring that concrete walks and driveways are stable and safe. There might be concerns about the necessity of pouring new concrete since what can be seen on the surface is only a fraction of what is actually occurring.

It only takes one or two seasons for severe damage to occur once water infiltrates concrete. The nature of water is to expand as it cools. During warmer weather, those cracks might appear minuscule, something that can be put off as a cosmetic concern. However, as water expands, it meets the resistance of concrete, which is ultimately no match for it. The concrete breaks, developing cracks and voids beneath the surface, which are in turn filled with water.

When combined with the soil’s tendency to “heave” or expand during cold weather, this wreaks havoc on walks and driveways. Luckily, pouring new ones is both simple and relatively inexpensive. Well-maintained concrete is both functional—preventing damage to automobiles and injury to family, friends, and neighbors—and aesthetic. Even seen from the street, visitors may be impressed by new walks or drives because it subtly acts upon human perception. It indicates that a space is cared for, maintained, and inviting.

If you’re ready to repair your curb appeal with a new driveway or front walk, we are at your service. It’s our privilege to assist the homeowners of Salt Lake and Utah counties with their creative and functional concrete needs and feel it makes us one of the community. Just call us at 801-369-4423 and schedule a consultation with our concrete specialists today.

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More Fun, Less Maintenance: Imprint and Tint Your Patio or Porch

Is there anything better than springtime in Utah? This month is the beginning of the best time for entertaining and enjoying the bounty of outdoor spaces. It’s also the best time of year for upping the ante on the value of your property with a new patio, porch, or outdoor kitchen. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how All About Curb can help you realize your al fresco entertainment concepts, whether you’re planning to put your home on the market or are settling in for the foreseeable future.

Pattern-Loving Creatures

Stamped Concrete CurbingHumans are a pattern-loving bunch. We at All About Curb love a beautiful mosaic patio, but all that tile work is both time-consuming and expensive. Plus, it can be challenging to maintain in the long run. That’s why we offer an ideal solution. At All About Curb, we have made it our business to investigate the newest techniques, trends, and materials so we can provide you with stylish and beautiful concrete curbs or patios. This includes tinting and impressions.

Whether you’re longing for a flagstone look or have a beautiful design you want to bring to life, our design team is at your service. We offer an array of different colors, from natural stone or masonry to vivid shades sure to catch the eyes of guests. Plus, when you invest in a concrete patio, you’re investing in long-term good looks. That central sunburst won’t fade or chip over time. That Art Deco border will retain its magic for years to come.

The Importance of a Good Base

Curbing Around a PatioWhile we’re in the business of concrete, you may want to take your concept further in the future. Patios are fantastic foundations for screened or open porches, but many have simple gray concrete floors. Why not incorporate structure and style with a beautiful slate or brick impression? You could even bring elements of a mosaic floor together with later designs and décor.

Whatever your design dreams, don’t wait until the hot weather settles in to make a start. The team of All About Curb brings together design savvy and concrete knowledge to bring those dreams to life. For many years, it’s been our privilege to serve the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, and we’re at your service. Give us a call at 801-369-4423 to schedule a consultation today.

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Working on the Approach: Curb Appeal and the Home’s Front Aspect

The snow may still be on the ground, but spring is on the way. During this season of birdsong, blooming gardens, and evidence of new growth, many homeowners interested in selling their property can do so to significant advantage. But sprucing up a landscape concept also increases the property value for those who want to put down roots. Now is the best time to work with our expert design and project teams at All About Curb to create a fresh new look for outdoor space that will draw admiration from neighbors and house hunters alike.

On the Approach

Planter BoxesWhen most people think about curb appeal, they imagine landscaping closer to the street or within a garden. But the front aspect of the home is just as important. One creative concept that boosts the impact of this feature is to install planting beds along the front façade. Colorful annuals interspersed with carefully selected perennial shrubs and plants will call for a round of applause, no matter what the season. Concrete offers benefits that other materials may lack, and allows flexibility of design when crafting the dimensions of a new front bed.

Low to the Ground or Raised?

Whether it’s a simple matter of creating a unique boundary near ground level or building a hip wall into which shrubs and flowers can be planted, concrete possesses flexibility. With most edging and building materials, one must work with the restrictions of the physical shape of each unit. However, curves are no issue with our concrete. It allows homeowners to craft a beautiful, raised bed in any dimension they desire, which can bring depth and allure to even an unprepossessing landscape.

Planter BoxesWhy use concrete if a deeper planting box is the goal? The simple answer is that concrete offers greater structural integrity than other types of landscaping material. Over time, building blocks require replacement due to damage of individual units. Not so with concrete. Plus, while many homeowners are DIY warriors, it’s easy to misjudge what’s required for an enduring retaining wall. Concrete takes up less space, is more straightforward to install, and will remain beautiful for many years. Plus, our craft specialists can tint and imprint the concrete to please any taste.

If you’re dreaming of spring blossoms and new planting horizons, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.  All About Curb is proud to be a part of communities across Salt Lake and Utah counties, boosting curb appeal and making dreams into concrete realities.

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Additional Appeal: Using Borders and Small Projects

Flat Concrete PadCurb appeal matters, whether you’re selling your home or intend to put down roots for the foreseeable future. Summer is one of the best times to complete projects focused on freshening up your outdoor space. New planting beds have time to settle in before the chill of autumn descends and landscaping projects lose their new edges, becoming a part of a harmonious whole. Below, we’ll explore a few easy ways to enliven your landscape this season.

The Add-On Technique

Many homeowners are proud that they keep their concrete driveways and walkways in good repair. But design experts successfully challenge the concept that all concrete must be bland and gray. If your concrete is in great shape, but you’re seeking ways to add interest, consider adding borders. All About Curb has the essential expertise and materials to add visual allure to any approach.

You can craft borders to driveways and sidewalks with many beautiful materials. However, using individual stones can cause problems with differential settling rates. This method leads to uneven and potentially dangerous surfaces that can cause injuries. At All About Curb, we’ve given considerable thought to problems like this. The solution is concrete, of course. We can pour, tint, and pattern borders in any width to create the impact you want, whether you’re dreaming of a brick border or a field stone effect to draw the eye towards your home.

Garden Pathways

Stamped CurbingWhile concrete landscaping curbs are excellent ways to contain your planting beds, you may want to forestall that investment for another season. Not to worry, you can still add visual interest to your property with a poured pathway. Our design team will work with you to achieve a pleasing and efficient design before implementation.

You can choose from a nearly-infinite array of colors and impressed patterns, without the hassle of hours spent shopping for pavers and materials. We pour our pathways, which means that you won’t have to worry about uplift or replacing individual sections that become damaged at a later time. Whether you’re dreaming of a serene Monet theme for your garden or want a crisp and modern pathway to tie your landscaping concepts into a harmonious whole, we can assist.

If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space, either with small touches or ambitious projects, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. As a proud part of communities in Salt Lake and Utah counties, we are here to meet your landscaping needs with concrete support.

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A Season for Bulbs and Bonfires: Autumn Landscaping with Concrete

Front Door of Home in AutumnAutumn is in full swing in Utah. While this may not be the first season many homeowners think of when it comes to outdoor projects, it’s one of the best. Landscaping and gardening follow a seasonal round in response to the changes wrought by the planet’s axial tilt, but there’s never a better time to install foundational elements to enhance the curb appeal and equity of property than autumn.

Fall Is a Time to Plant and Plan

Any good gardener knows that the days before the first good, hard freeze are the best time to plant new beds of flower bulbs. In spring, these will emerge, often the first and loveliest of flowers. However, a good bedding plan is essential to maximize the impact of these beauties. Raised beds need sound structure in order to assist the plants within them to flourishing abundance.

Depending on the desired landscaping effect, the height of your bedding wall could be a simple curb or a more ambitious retaining wall. In any event, your chosen building material will determine the flexibility and scale of your overall design. This is where concrete comes into play. As a material, it is both incredibly durable and flexible. A poured concrete bedding border of any height will withstand the immense pressures of water, soil, and growing plants, while also being flexible enough to accommodate the seasonal freeze-thaw expansion of the soil within it.

A Season for Bonfire Cheer

Outside Patio Fire in AutumnWhile the days have grown shorter and the nights more intensely cold, autumn is a season of outdoor splendor in Utah. The majesty of nature deepens as the earth tilts towards winter. That means that outdoor entertainments are still the choice for many. Patios built to maximize natural shelter points around your property can be designed for bonfire parties. Set up a metal brazier or design a more permanent fire pit, which will light up your evenings and echo the warmth of friendship.

Here, concrete also suggests itself for its sturdiness and versatility. Patio spaces can be poured to most shapes and sizes, and we can stamp or tint it to your specification. At All About Curb, we’re passionate about the versatility of our chosen material. Not only will it stand up to whatever the elements can send it, it can also be crafted to resemble a number of materials, such as stone or masonry.

If you’re ready to add equity and curb appeal to your home with a fresh autumn project, simply contact us at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. Our team of expert craftspeople will guide you through the process from concept design to implementation. We’ve been a part of the communities of Utah and Salt Lake counties for many years, and it’s our privilege to help you design the landscape concept of your dreams.

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The Modern Pleasure Garden: Concrete Patios and Conversation Spaces

Front PorchWhether you’re considering placing your house on the real estate market or content to settle into your nest for the foreseeable future, property value matters. One of the most overlooked aspects of how this value is determined is the outdoor space that surrounds the home. This involves more than simply keeping a tidy lawn. It’s all about curb appeal, which includes outdoor living and activity spaces.

 Adding Value to Real Estate

Have you ever seen homes that simply appear more welcoming because they have a lived-in look? If these properties were individuals who could speak or act, you might expect them to invite you to share a meal or have a conversation. Beyond tidy landscaping with plenty of beautiful flowers, these properties usually have outdoor living areas. Such spaces might be covered, as in the case of porches or sun-rooms, but they include patios, pathways, and conversation spaces of every shape and size.

Concrete is one of the essential ingredients you’ll need for any such sturdy, comfortable activity area. At All About Curb, we’ve made it our business to be the concrete experts. Whatever project design you’re dreaming of, we have the skills and the knowledge to make it a reality. Plus, we can craft a unique design utilizing the latest techniques in concrete pigmentation and impressions, which means you need not confine your dreams to a drab or unadorned concrete slab.

Nesting Benefits or Selling Points

Patio and PorchEntertaining in the home has become popular once more, which means that having a space in which to engage friends or special guests is an important feature of any property. With autumn approaching, staying cozy under the stars around a fire pit with a warming drink or playing camp out with the kids are just two of the wonderful ways a patio comes in handy.

During the last days of summer, al fresco evenings are still a possibility. One way to expand the space in which you can entertain is to design several small sitting areas on your property and link them with a smooth, easily navigated pathway. This allows you to stage your landscaping, using the seating patios as focal points to highlight your favorite bedding plants. Plus, it’s a major conversation point, since all the neighbors are sure to be impressed.

We’re proud to be a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties. At All About Curb, we think bringing together neighbors and entertaining should be easy, and our design teams are ready to help make your dreams come true. If you’re ready to enhance your home’s curb appeal, call us today at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. We can’t wait to get started.

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The Importance of Structure: A Safe Walkway Is Part of a Beautiful Home

House Walk WayThe major holidays of summertime are over, but it’s still barbecue weather in Utah. While you may be planning your next big shindig around the grill, keep in mind that late summer is also one of the best times to complete major outdoor projects on your property. Whether a homeowner intends to remain in their home for decades or has decided the time is right to sell, excellent curb appeal improves property value. This is because it indicates the time, effort, and resources that you’ve invested in maintaining your home down to the smallest detail.

Subtle Details Can Be Crucial

While we at All About Curb are all about new garden pathways, patios, and landscape edging, there’s another side to our specialty—safety. Even though concrete has come a long way in terms of durability in the past few decades, older homes with original walkways and driveways can show some troubling developments.

These should be remedied at a homeowner’s earliest convenience. Whether they are intent upon spending their golden years in the family home or are a growing young family ready for a bigger house, cracks and other flaws in the concrete around the home are a serious consideration.

Cracking, Sagging, or Crumbling are Signs of the Time

House Walk WayGenerally speaking, based on underlying soil features, homeowners may see one of several developments with older concrete surfaces. Especially in walkways to doors or garages, cracks can develop across the segments. Over time, with freeze-thaw seasonal cycles impacting the underlying soils, what may happen is a substantial difference in surface level.

This will create a shelving or lipping effect that can make the pathway unsafe for younger and older family members who can have a serious fall. Plus, those who are new to the property may not exercise sufficient vigilance to avoid the raised sections of the walkway.

Another problem that can be linked to soil erosion or freeze-thaw expansion over several decades is the driveway sinkhole. This begins as a small series of cracks that expand over time. Eventually, the concrete loses the battle with nature and succumbs, leaving dangerous potholes or crumbling edges in your driveway.

All About Curb has excellent news, however. We employ only the most talented concrete experts, who can pour a new walkway or driveway in short order. It’s been our privilege to serve the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, meeting all their concrete needs. If you’re ready to create a Home Beautiful that is both safe and lovely, call us today at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.

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Imprints and Pigments: Make Your Concrete Dreams a Colorful Reality

Spring is in full swing in this part of the country, and at All About Curb, we couldn’t be more excited. Now is the time to complete patio and pathway projects that will bring focus and shape to your garden. Well-maintained, vibrant landscape plans add value to any property, whether you’re settled in for the long haul or are putting your home on the market this year. Below, we’ll discuss some of our favorite applications for this versatile building material that will bring new life to your outdoor living space.

Patterns and Presses

Textured PatioA common misconception about concrete is that it only comes in one color or texture. We make it our business to provide an array of options when it comes to these considerations. Plus, pairing a hue or a patterned imprint of your choice with the durability of concrete serves as an ideal garden solution. Pathways can be poured in almost any color you desire and imprints offer a number of appearances, including brick or stone, that are anything but run of the mill.

A Centerpiece for Celebration

Brown Textured PatioIn addition to pathways and landscape curbing, we can offer homeowners a medium for creative expression that will draw the eye of friends and neighbors. Offering guests a chance to enjoy the beauty of your landscaping is a perfect reason for an al fresco party. A patio is a must for any summer celebration, and if you desire a surface above and beyond the standard concrete pad, we have the answer.

By working with our expert team, you can design a patio concept that’s sure to impress, even while it stands up to the elements. Whether you wish to evoke a sun-dappled Italian terrace or place your mark on your home with a center sunburst pattern, we have just the tools and experience to accomplish the job. Pigments are added to our special concrete, which is designed to withstand whatever the weather has in store and prevent salt efflorescence. This translates to a patio you can proudly showcase for years to come.

The team of All About Curb takes pride in being a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties. We’ve helped many homeowners add structure and allure to their property, whether indoors or in the garden. If you’re ready to bring beauty and stability to your landscape, call All About Curb at 801-369-4423 to schedule a consultation, and we’ll come ready to assist.

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