Autumn as a Second Spring: Concrete Tasks to Do in Fall

Most property owners know that spring is a season for showcasing the virtues of their extramural spaces. Whether it’s to entice prospective buyers with the beauty of landscaping or to display pride of ownership and help boost property value in the long term, curb appeal is real. At All About Curb, we love to help communities put their best foot forward when it comes to garden curbs, pathways, patios, and other home projects. For these, fall is one of our favorite seasons.

Every Leaf a Flower

Curbing in AutumnAutumn is often viewed as a time of winding down, of finishing essential projects and making ready to meet winter’s chill. While we do advise that significant projects be completed during a time when most of the garden’s denizens are battening down the hatches, it can also be a season of extraordinary beauty. Curb appeal projects can genuinely shine during these months, and we’ll be exploring some examples to enhance the appearance or appraisal of your property.

To Direct the Eye or Give It Rest

For those with a more considerable property, the cultural idea of a smooth, unbroken lawn might seem appealing. However, as most residents of Utah know, it’s not necessarily practical or friendly to the environment. Real estate experts will also advise that a large yard benefits from spaces and features that provide visual interest. The added benefit of such elements is that homeowners can employ more cost-effective landscape concepts and provide native flora and fauna a friendly space.

One way to accomplish all goals desirable to homeowners is to construct planting beds filled with mixes of perennial and annual plants, many of which are hardy native species. While these can be raised to provide ease of access to the homeowner, they need not be. However, whether at ground level or above, our patented concrete mixture offers a superior and sustainable way to set beds apart from the lawn or other significant background material. It also provides an excellent and lasting form of landscape edging impervious to weeds.

Well Done

Curbing in AutumnIn the West, many trees fare better if homeowners help them to maximize moisture and nutrients. This is true of both exotic ornamentals and hardy native denizens. While traditional tree wells are dug into the ground in order to capture dew and use gravity to help water the root systems, slightly elevated wells bound by landscape curbing or low knee walls can also accomplish this goal. Along with our many tint and print options for concrete curbs, paths, and raised bed walls, these can make any yard stand apart as a gem of the neighborhood.

If landscape upgrades are in season for you this autumn, call the experts at All About Curb for all your concrete needs at 801-369-4423. It is our privilege to serve the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, and we are excited to help you realize your property improvement dreams.

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Old Concrete: Leaching, Efflorescence, and Other Hazards

Summer is the season for barbecues, outdoor gatherings, and all manner of al fresco pursuits. It’s also a great time to boost your home’s curb appeal and property value with fresh landscaping and entertaining spaces. However, today, we at All About Curb would like to talk about some of the dangers of old concrete and ways to mitigate its negative impact. The hazards posed by cracked or crumbling patios, pathways, and other concrete surfaces can impact your family’s safety and the health of nearby plants.

The Tripping Point

Garden CurbingWeather, soil expansion and contraction, and even adventurous weeds can crack your paved surfaces over time. While a few minor fissures may not seem to be a big deal, after years of use and exposure, those tiny imperfections grow into much more significant concerns. Uneven walkways and driveways can pose serious hazards for the young and old, as well as individuals who aren’t familiar with the unique contours of your property.

While it might just be a momentary fright, tripping on uplifted or washed out segments of concrete paving can result in broken bones, severe abrasions, and other injuries that are best avoided. Plus, in the case of a cracked or washed out spot beneath a driveway, it can cause substantial daily wear and tear on automobiles. No homeowner should need 4-wheel drive to get to their garage.

Leaching and Efflorescence

Another characteristic feature of old concrete is its tendency to display odd white patches. This phenomenon is known as efflorescence, and those white patches are salts that leach out of elderly concrete over time. This effectively destroys the surface of any paving or curbing. Elderly concrete also tends to make any soil nearby unpleasant for plants. It substantially alters the pH of the ground and can kill your favorite flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Shrubs and trees may only struggle if they’re well established before substantial concrete leaching occurs.

Effloresence CurbingSo, what can you do if you have cracked concrete paving or an older patio that is beginning to impact bedding plants nearby? Pouring concrete has never been simpler or more affordable. At All About Curb, we can replicate the original paving with ease. Plus, we’ve done our homework. We make our concrete with cutting-edge admixtures to prevent efflorescence and leaching, which will extend the life of both the pavement and the plants nearby.

We are proud to be a part of communities across Salt Lake and Utah counties. It’s our privilege to assist homeowners in their efforts to beautify and modernize their properties. So if the time has come to increase the safety and loveliness of your outdoor space by replacing damaged concrete, we are at your service. Call us at 801-369-4423 for a consultation today.


Miles of Tints and Prints Without the Effort: Landscape Curbs and Homeowner Options

When many homeowners consider the optimal time to put their property on the market, springtime usually comes to mind. That’s because it’s usually the height of the home’s curb appeal. The garden becomes like a cup overbrimming with blooms and new leaves. Everything looks its freshest. But spring is also a time of unruly growth, however glorious, and a bit of judicious edging can help maintain the shape of landscaping beds. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of concrete and the options it affords.

Why Go With Concrete?

While there are many options when it comes to edging a landscaping bed, each homeowner should weigh their options and needs with care. Whether you’re comfortably settling into your home for the long run or seeking to sell, most edging projects present a hefty investment of time and effort and provide varying results depending on your level of skill.

When it comes to metal or vinyl edging, which can be purchased by the linear foot, if improperly installed, it tends to look precisely so—improper or amateur. Plus, vinyl will bulge if the weight of soil behind it exceeds the material’s tolerance. Metal edging segments do rust over time and will need to be replaced. Hence, even the most experienced DIY warrior receives mixed results.

Masonry products can be purchased by the unit, which adds some convenience if you don’t calculate accurately and have to head back to the hardware store for more. They’re also easier to install as an edging material but will require some engineering skill if you desire a barrier taller than a single layer. Plus, if you lay them without a proper foundation of sand and other materials, they tend to settle in an unpredictable or erratic way.

Tints, Prints, and Perks

While there’s no rule that says you must choose concrete, it’s often the best way to go. At All About Curb, we’ve dedicated our time to learning all there is to know, using the latest materials, and providing an array of decorative tints and presses that can offer you a wide variety of stylistic choices for concrete surfaces and edging.

Stamped Concrete CurbingIf you love the look of brick or stone, we can provide edging with the appearance of these materials. However, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance that goes with brick or stone. Our concrete is also a superb medium for unconventional color. Do you want to strike a beautiful, modern contrast in your landscaping? Why not add an unexpected tint to your concrete border?

Just as we can provide a traditional and convincing tint that mimics masonry and stone, we can also deliver teal or orange, white or marigold. Our creative team is at your avail. If you’re ready to spruce up your spring landscape with durable, stylish concrete edging, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.

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Working on the Approach: Curb Appeal and the Home’s Front Aspect

The snow may still be on the ground, but spring is on the way. During this season of birdsong, blooming gardens, and evidence of new growth, many homeowners interested in selling their property can do so to significant advantage. But sprucing up a landscape concept also increases the property value for those who want to put down roots. Now is the best time to work with our expert design and project teams at All About Curb to create a fresh new look for outdoor space that will draw admiration from neighbors and house hunters alike.

On the Approach

Planter BoxesWhen most people think about curb appeal, they imagine landscaping closer to the street or within a garden. But the front aspect of the home is just as important. One creative concept that boosts the impact of this feature is to install planting beds along the front façade. Colorful annuals interspersed with carefully selected perennial shrubs and plants will call for a round of applause, no matter what the season. Concrete offers benefits that other materials may lack, and allows flexibility of design when crafting the dimensions of a new front bed.

Low to the Ground or Raised?

Whether it’s a simple matter of creating a unique boundary near ground level or building a hip wall into which shrubs and flowers can be planted, concrete possesses flexibility. With most edging and building materials, one must work with the restrictions of the physical shape of each unit. However, curves are no issue with our concrete. It allows homeowners to craft a beautiful, raised bed in any dimension they desire, which can bring depth and allure to even an unprepossessing landscape.

Planter BoxesWhy use concrete if a deeper planting box is the goal? The simple answer is that concrete offers greater structural integrity than other types of landscaping material. Over time, building blocks require replacement due to damage of individual units. Not so with concrete. Plus, while many homeowners are DIY warriors, it’s easy to misjudge what’s required for an enduring retaining wall. Concrete takes up less space, is more straightforward to install, and will remain beautiful for many years. Plus, our craft specialists can tint and imprint the concrete to please any taste.

If you’re dreaming of spring blossoms and new planting horizons, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.  All About Curb is proud to be a part of communities across Salt Lake and Utah counties, boosting curb appeal and making dreams into concrete realities.

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The Finished Appeal: Concrete Curbs and Paths Bring a Sense of Completion to Your Design

Concrete CurbingFor those of you planning to put your home on the market, easy exterior upgrades often help to improve your presence in the real estate realm. If you’re content to settle into your home, curb appeal can usually provide additional equity and enrich the investment you made when you bought your house. In this entry, we at All About Curb will address how even a simple finishing touch or two can bring admiration or potential buyers right to your front door.

Eye of the Beholder

The way your property appears from the street can have a significant impact on sale value, intrinsic equity, and even neighborhood property value ranges. That’s why curb appeal is so vital. Also if you want to affect a rustic and slightly unkempt charm with your landscape design, simple finishing touches can make all the difference. Unplanned and natural should not be synonymous with unkempt.

Concrete landscape curbs, patios, and pathways add just the right amount of structure to relaxed garden plots. But they can also be tinted and printed in some ways to accord with your style, whether your exterior space is modern or classical in structure. The only limit to stylish concrete tailored to your property is your imagination.

Print or Tint

Colored CurbingIn the past, you may have experimented with metal and masonry borders. While these materials have charm and function, there are some drawbacks to using them. Metal edging is quite handsome, but over time, it rusts or becomes misshapen. If it is painted to delay inevitable rust formation, this pain can often chip from prolonged exposure to the elements.

Masonry and stone edging and pathways are charming and often the first choice for many DIY home improvement projects. While it’s true that you can buy individual units and install them yourself, this plan has drawbacks. It’s important to remember that these are structural elements and proper planning and execution cannot be overlooked.

The benefits of our uniquely mixed concrete are several. If you desire a rustic fieldstone appearance, we can achieve this with our unique stamps without the uncertain results that come with laying the stone yourself. We’ll even tint the concrete to the proper shade, thus completing the look. But we can also add colors that provide a finishing touch to a modern design. Working with our team of experienced designers, you have almost unlimited options for how you envision your landscape.

Over the years, All About Curb has helped many homeowners bring visions of enhanced curb appeal to life. We are proud to serve the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties. If you are ready to put the finishing touches on your design dreams, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. We are at your service.

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Concrete and Conservation: Indigenous Plants and Water-Wise Concepts

House Walk WayHigh summer can be a thirsty time in parts of Utah, with the exception of areas in the Wasatch Mountains. And while not all of our great state is considered a semi-arid environment, conservation of that most precious resource is something for everyone to consider. Concrete is a surprisingly environmentally friendly building material when used in the appropriate contexts, and our gifted team at All About Curb has made it a priority to learn all they can about how to apply this material. In the article below, we’ll talk about curb appeal, conservation, and budget-friendly methods to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor living spaces.

Xeriscaping Philosophies: Not Just for the Desert

While the true incarnation of this landscaping technique is most applicable to arid environments, such as those found farther south, it can be partially applied to any garden or landscape plot. Xeriscaping is a concept in which little or no irrigation is necessary. There are several ways to achieve this. First, by omitting exceptionally thirsty plants, such as lawns, homeowners in arid environments need not endlessly water.

While lawns are more easily maintained in many parts of northern Utah, there’s another part of the philosophy that can assist homeowners in conserving water. Using native plants or those from similar environments, you can rely primarily on local rainfall to keep your landscaping beds vibrant and beautiful. However, at All About Curb, we also understand that certain plants and trees not native to Utah or the Intermontane West bring beauty and a sense of peace to many garden designs.

Concrete to the Rescue

PatioUsing concrete as a bordering or constraining medium for elevating planting beds can actually prove beneficial for non-native trees, shrubs, and flowers. Elevated planters that provide ample room for bedding plants root systems also slow moisture loss. That means you don’t need to water as frequently and can customize the soil profile to include a moisture control mixture. A similar approach to ornamental trees that utilizes an above-ground concrete structure without a bottom can also aid in moisture retention.

If you’re ready to craft a beautiful garden design that includes both hardy indigenous plants and more exotic ornamental species, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. All About Curb has become a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, and we are proud to serve. We bring design expertise and an eye for beauty to every project, ensuring your enduring satisfaction.

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Beauty and Utility in One: Concrete Benefits

Science has shown that humans are both pattern-seeking and pattern-creating organisms. This tendency is supported by our desire to create structure in our landscaping, and why we react positively to gardens built on a plan, however “wild” they may appear at first. Whether property owners are seeking to place their homes on the real estate market or they simply wish to enhance their landscapes, providing lasting structure to a design enhances property value.


Benefits of Concrete as a Building Material

Concrete CurbingBe it a gracefully curving garden path that leads the eye deeper into the property, durable, handsome edging for planting beds, koi ponds that maintain their shape and function or even patios for entertaining, concrete is a perfect material. Its lasting durability and almost endless capacity for variation in color and texture make it ideal, no matter what purpose to which it is applied.
Unlike masonry, vinyl, and metal edging materials, concrete won’t rust, sag or fragment. That means the homeowner can install edging, pathways, patios, and other features without fear that they’ll be required to replace them in a few seasons. Plus, with concrete, the nature of Nature is gently forestalled. Weeds, animal activities, and processes of erosion have little effect on edging or pavement applications, which makes concrete a superior choice when it comes to landscaping the natural beauty of Utah.


Summer in Utah

Pouring ConcreteNow is the season when everyone loves to be out of doors. We at All About Curb love that, and pride ourselves on being a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties. No project is too large or too small for our expert team to tackle. Whether you’re planning an ambitious network of garden pathways, ponds, and planting beds or simply want to add a patio for better outdoor entertaining, our design professionals work with you to bring it to life.

Choose from a wide array of tints, patterns, and textures to meet the aesthetic needs of your design. You might like the look of brick for concrete curbing and edging, which can be accomplished without costly masonry that will require upkeep. Similarly, the charming appearance of field stone for garden pathways can be mimicked by our product, but won’t require upkeep year after year to prevent individual stones from cracking or heaving.  If you’re ready to add value and beauty to your property today, call us today at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. Our expert team at All About Curb is at your service.

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Imprints and Pigments: Make Your Concrete Dreams a Colorful Reality

Spring is in full swing in this part of the country, and at All About Curb, we couldn’t be more excited. Now is the time to complete patio and pathway projects that will bring focus and shape to your garden. Well-maintained, vibrant landscape plans add value to any property, whether you’re settled in for the long haul or are putting your home on the market this year. Below, we’ll discuss some of our favorite applications for this versatile building material that will bring new life to your outdoor living space.

Patterns and Presses

Textured PatioA common misconception about concrete is that it only comes in one color or texture. We make it our business to provide an array of options when it comes to these considerations. Plus, pairing a hue or a patterned imprint of your choice with the durability of concrete serves as an ideal garden solution. Pathways can be poured in almost any color you desire and imprints offer a number of appearances, including brick or stone, that are anything but run of the mill.

A Centerpiece for Celebration

Brown Textured PatioIn addition to pathways and landscape curbing, we can offer homeowners a medium for creative expression that will draw the eye of friends and neighbors. Offering guests a chance to enjoy the beauty of your landscaping is a perfect reason for an al fresco party. A patio is a must for any summer celebration, and if you desire a surface above and beyond the standard concrete pad, we have the answer.

By working with our expert team, you can design a patio concept that’s sure to impress, even while it stands up to the elements. Whether you wish to evoke a sun-dappled Italian terrace or place your mark on your home with a center sunburst pattern, we have just the tools and experience to accomplish the job. Pigments are added to our special concrete, which is designed to withstand whatever the weather has in store and prevent salt efflorescence. This translates to a patio you can proudly showcase for years to come.

The team of All About Curb takes pride in being a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties. We’ve helped many homeowners add structure and allure to their property, whether indoors or in the garden. If you’re ready to bring beauty and stability to your landscape, call All About Curb at 801-369-4423 to schedule a consultation, and we’ll come ready to assist.

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Spring Dreaming: Planning Projects for the Months to Come

Here in Utah, we’re all dreaming of springtime. If you’re a homeowner in these parts, you know that early spring is the best time for planning your forthcoming garden designs and implementing large scale projects. But have you considered the best ways to frame your beautiful plans? Below, we’ll talk about the many useful applications of concrete in landscape design, and how you can bring it into your garden this season.

Both Durable and Pliant

PatioWhen many people think about concrete, they envision simple pavement or curb applications. However, the increasing demand for and utility of this material has given rise to a burgeoning panoply of tints, prints, presses, and various forms that permit your creativity to blossom like wildflowers. As well, advances in concrete technology have permitted us to use formulas that withstand weathering, cracking, and salt efflorescence, in order to provide any homeowner with a concrete that will last for many years.

If you want a special color for your borders, pathways, patios, or pond foundations, tinting can easily be added to the mix. As well, you can have the durability of concrete while also having the look of masonry or field-stone for landscape curbs and pathways. The possibilities are profuse.

Anything under the Sun

PatioPouring border curbs for permanent planting beds can help to define the shape of your landscaping vision. Pathways winding amongst these beautiful beds will allow family and friends to fully enjoy the beauty of your garden. But there are other ways concrete can be employed that will enhance the pleasure of being out of doors. Some home lots are situated in areas where steep inclines limit the usable space, and hamper movement around the property.

A wonderful solution for this issue is the construction of terraces, which can be designed with the help of our in-house professional team. Whatever the terrain, you can create islands of level space for planting or poured concrete patios, connected by pathways or whimsical flights of steps. Any concept you select can be created and ready in time for the season of outdoor entertainment, which is why many homeowners start large projects during this time of year.

If you’re ready to begin designing and creating the formal structure of a new landscape design, we at All About Curb are ready to help. It’s our privilege to be a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, and we’re pleased to offer all homeowners our expertise. Simply call All About Curb at 801-369-4423. to schedule a consultation, and we’ll come ready to assist.

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The Sunny Side of Winter

Concrete Foundations for Sun-rooms and Greenhouses

Sun PorchOver the past few months, we’ve talked about everything from curbs to Koi ponds, pathways to sidewalks. Now, as autumn enters its final stretch, letting us know that winter on its way, we’d like to talk about projects that can be enjoyed in every weather, and all year round.

The Sun Porch

Many residents of Utah are enterprising souls, who make the most of a good thing. That’s why the concept of a sunroom during the cold of winter can be so appealing—double-paned windows, stout construction, and even electricity. But before you build, you must have a sound foundation. That’s where our expertise can come in handy. Pouring a pad for your new sun porch can be done quickly and professionally, allowing you to proceed with your construction just in time for the winter months, when it will see the most use.

Plus, while the human occupants of your house will be glad of it, you can help tender perennials and biannual plants thrive this winter. A sun porch will give them the necessary space to make it through the cold months with success and start the next growing season with a head start.

The Greenhouse Effect

Green HouseAvid gardeners know no season. One popular project that makes the most of the winter sunshine to stock pantry and table are residential greenhouses. Unlike major nurseries or farms, these are easy to construct, either DIY or with the help of a local contractor. You could certainly erect your garden house on bare earth, but it’s often advised to install a floor for several reasons.

In many personal greenhouse projects, elevated plots and tray plantings are popular. This reduces the strain on back and knees when the weather is at its chilliest, and can enable residents of all ages to enjoy gardening year round. A concrete floor will help to insulate the greenhouse from the cold, which radiates up from the earth. As well, it will help you to keep your construction truly weather tight. But it also helps to keep things tidy when you’re done playing in the dirt.

At All About Curb, we’re a part of the communities we serve in the counties of Utah and Salt Lake. If you’re ready to keep the sunshine in life, call All About Curb at 801-369-4423.  Our professional team brings years of experience working with concrete in all contexts, and will have just the solutions you seek.

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