Late autumn is a time of year when pansies look their best, and the rest of the garden settles in for a long winter’s nap. It’s also a great time to put significant projects to bed before snow and ice descend with a will. For many homeowners, curb appeal plays a large part in property valuation, whether they’re seeking to sell or settling in for years to comes. At All About Curb, we know that sprucing up landscaping isn’t merely a warm weather occupation. We’re passionate about all the applications for concrete, from the details of color and texture to significant landscaping projects.

Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm

House Walk WayWhile there are a number of ways homeowners can delineate their planting beds, concrete curbs are both cost-effective and more permanent than most. Not only will our special concrete stand the test of time, but we can also add any color or pattern desired for a truly stunning impression.

Another added benefit of using concrete in lieu of other edging materials comes to light when considering maintenance. Soil is heavy and, over time, other edging materials can bow to this weight. Even metal edging will bend and require replacement. Not so with concrete. Our landscape curbing remains just as beautiful in the years to come as it is on day one.

Drawing the Gaze with Color and Pattern

While there is nothing wrong with an unadorned curb or garden pathway, you may want to explore your options. Tints and prints open so many avenues of expression while helping to keep costs low. The creative team at All About Curb can help you design a truly stunning landscape using our customized tinting and impressions.

House Walk WayIf you want a fieldstone or brick pathway, but would prefer not to invest in the involved engineering and future upkeep that such materials require, we can help. Poured concrete can be tinted and impressed to simulate almost any material. Plus, over time it will retain its smart appearance. Whether you have a large or small plot, we can help you make the most of it by crafting a plan that fits your needs.

If you’ve been putting off sprucing up the underlying structure of your landscaping, delay no more. Large projects need not be tedious or expensive, and with our assistance, they’ll take no time at all. Call us today at 801-369-4423 for your free estimate. Over the years, we’ve come to feel a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, and we can’t wait to work with you.