Most property owners know that spring is a season for showcasing the virtues of their extramural spaces. Whether it’s to entice prospective buyers with the beauty of landscaping or to display pride of ownership and help boost property value in the long term, curb appeal is real. At All About Curb, we love to help communities put their best foot forward when it comes to garden curbs, pathways, patios, and other home projects. For these, fall is one of our favorite seasons.

Every Leaf a Flower

Curbing in AutumnAutumn is often viewed as a time of winding down, of finishing essential projects and making ready to meet winter’s chill. While we do advise that significant projects be completed during a time when most of the garden’s denizens are battening down the hatches, it can also be a season of extraordinary beauty. Curb appeal projects can genuinely shine during these months, and we’ll be exploring some examples to enhance the appearance or appraisal of your property.

To Direct the Eye or Give It Rest

For those with a more considerable property, the cultural idea of a smooth, unbroken lawn might seem appealing. However, as most residents of Utah know, it’s not necessarily practical or friendly to the environment. Real estate experts will also advise that a large yard benefits from spaces and features that provide visual interest. The added benefit of such elements is that homeowners can employ more cost-effective landscape concepts and provide native flora and fauna a friendly space.

One way to accomplish all goals desirable to homeowners is to construct planting beds filled with mixes of perennial and annual plants, many of which are hardy native species. While these can be raised to provide ease of access to the homeowner, they need not be. However, whether at ground level or above, our patented concrete mixture offers a superior and sustainable way to set beds apart from the lawn or other significant background material. It also provides an excellent and lasting form of landscape edging impervious to weeds.

Well Done

Curbing in AutumnIn the West, many trees fare better if homeowners help them to maximize moisture and nutrients. This is true of both exotic ornamentals and hardy native denizens. While traditional tree wells are dug into the ground in order to capture dew and use gravity to help water the root systems, slightly elevated wells bound by landscape curbing or low knee walls can also accomplish this goal. Along with our many tint and print options for concrete curbs, paths, and raised bed walls, these can make any yard stand apart as a gem of the neighborhood.

If landscape upgrades are in season for you this autumn, call the experts at All About Curb for all your concrete needs at 801-369-4423. It is our privilege to serve the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, and we are excited to help you realize your property improvement dreams.