When contemplating various approaches to curb appeal, many homeowners may feel that spring is the best season to show off upgrades or improvements. While that season definitely provides more to work with regarding garden plants or the blooming cycle of ornamental trees and shrubs, it certainly isn’t the only time of year to add equity to a property through improvements. Autumn provides relatively dry, stable weather patterns that can work to the homeowner’s advantage with large concrete projects, such as pouring a new driveway. Today, we’ll discuss which of these improvements are best tackled now and why.

Water, Winter, and Cracked Concrete

PatioAll About Curb is a company of individuals who are passionate about concrete and its use to improve each property in a number of ways. While we are excited to suggest design upgrades for planting beds with our patented concrete formula, there’s a more significant issue that should be tackled first—those cracks in the driveway and the front walk. It’s essential that they not be permitted to grow and develop.

As homeowners prepare their property for winter, there are specific tasks and to-dos that must be accomplished before cold weather and winter precipitation. One of these is ensuring that concrete walks and driveways are stable and safe. There might be concerns about the necessity of pouring new concrete since what can be seen on the surface is only a fraction of what is actually occurring.

It only takes one or two seasons for severe damage to occur once water infiltrates concrete. The nature of water is to expand as it cools. During warmer weather, those cracks might appear minuscule, something that can be put off as a cosmetic concern. However, as water expands, it meets the resistance of concrete, which is ultimately no match for it. The concrete breaks, developing cracks and voids beneath the surface, which are in turn filled with water.

When combined with the soil’s tendency to “heave” or expand during cold weather, this wreaks havoc on walks and driveways. Luckily, pouring new ones is both simple and relatively inexpensive. Well-maintained concrete is both functional—preventing damage to automobiles and injury to family, friends, and neighbors—and aesthetic. Even seen from the street, visitors may be impressed by new walks or drives because it subtly acts upon human perception. It indicates that a space is cared for, maintained, and inviting.

If you’re ready to repair your curb appeal with a new driveway or front walk, we are at your service. It’s our privilege to assist the homeowners of Salt Lake and Utah counties with their creative and functional concrete needs and feel it makes us one of the community. Just call us at 801-369-4423 and schedule a consultation with our concrete specialists today.