As summer heats up, outdoor parties will begin to crowd the calendar. Part of increasing curb appeal is ensuring that your outdoor spaces are adequate for your entertaining needs. Whether you’ve decided to put your home on the market or are content to put down roots, this aspect of general curb appeal can boost your property value. In the article below, we’ll explore how All About Curb can help you make the most of your summer with space for parties or family relaxation.

Let’s Pour a Patio

Concrete DrivewayMany houses include at least a nod to outdoor entertaining space, but that nod can often prove to be little more than a token extension of your home’s concrete pad. The excellent news is that pouring additions to that meager patio are one of the easiest ways to improve your al fresco living space. We at All About Curb love to work with homeowners to build their new patios or provide the bases for screened porches—these are two of the most beautiful ways to extend your home’s livable area and help you to make the most of your property.

While your existing patio space may be on the sparse side, that fact also has advantages. Rather than inheriting an expansive patio that might not be ideal for you, now you can work with our design experts to create the entertaining space of your dreams. It can be a standard, straight-edged shape of any dimensions. But it can also be asymmetrical, curved, or angled in any way you decide.

Ode to Tints and Prints

House Walk WayAnother excellent benefit of designing your patio or porch foundation space is that you can quite literally put your stamp on it. When we think of concrete at All About Curb, we don’t let the idea of the uniform gray stuff hold us back. It can look like brick laid in a herringbone pattern or rustic flagstones. It can bear a mosaic sunburst or be tinted the color of a Caribbean bay. There is veritably no limit to how you can express your creativity, but each of our design experts will help guide that genius for the best outcome.

All About Curb is proud to serve the homeowners of Salt Lake and Utah counties. Creating outdoor spaces that invite and embrace visitors and friends is an important role that we feel enriches the community. If you’re ready to redesign your alfresco entertaining area, we are here to help. Call us at 801-369-4423 for a consultation today.

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