Summer is the season for barbecues, outdoor gatherings, and all manner of al fresco pursuits. It’s also a great time to boost your home’s curb appeal and property value with fresh landscaping and entertaining spaces. However, today, we at All About Curb would like to talk about some of the dangers of old concrete and ways to mitigate its negative impact. The hazards posed by cracked or crumbling patios, pathways, and other concrete surfaces can impact your family’s safety and the health of nearby plants.

The Tripping Point

Garden CurbingWeather, soil expansion and contraction, and even adventurous weeds can crack your paved surfaces over time. While a few minor fissures may not seem to be a big deal, after years of use and exposure, those tiny imperfections grow into much more significant concerns. Uneven walkways and driveways can pose serious hazards for the young and old, as well as individuals who aren’t familiar with the unique contours of your property.

While it might just be a momentary fright, tripping on uplifted or washed out segments of concrete paving can result in broken bones, severe abrasions, and other injuries that are best avoided. Plus, in the case of a cracked or washed out spot beneath a driveway, it can cause substantial daily wear and tear on automobiles. No homeowner should need 4-wheel drive to get to their garage.

Leaching and Efflorescence

Another characteristic feature of old concrete is its tendency to display odd white patches. This phenomenon is known as efflorescence, and those white patches are salts that leach out of elderly concrete over time. This effectively destroys the surface of any paving or curbing. Elderly concrete also tends to make any soil nearby unpleasant for plants. It substantially alters the pH of the ground and can kill your favorite flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Shrubs and trees may only struggle if they’re well established before substantial concrete leaching occurs.

Effloresence CurbingSo, what can you do if you have cracked concrete paving or an older patio that is beginning to impact bedding plants nearby? Pouring concrete has never been simpler or more affordable. At All About Curb, we can replicate the original paving with ease. Plus, we’ve done our homework. We make our concrete with cutting-edge admixtures to prevent efflorescence and leaching, which will extend the life of both the pavement and the plants nearby.

We are proud to be a part of communities across Salt Lake and Utah counties. It’s our privilege to assist homeowners in their efforts to beautify and modernize their properties. So if the time has come to increase the safety and loveliness of your outdoor space by replacing damaged concrete, we are at your service. Call us at 801-369-4423 for a consultation today.