Curbing Around a PatioWinter is a time of rest for the garden. Beneath the surface, spring bulbs prepare for the return of sunlight and soft rain. There is a stillness in the air that magnifies the calls of birds and a clarity of form, as bare tree branches and bare annual planting beds wait for their time of renewal. However, homeowners who know the importance of maintaining curb appeal are anything but idle during the long cold season. Whether you’re planning to showcase your home in the spring or merely want to enhance the beauty of your Nest, now is the time to design and dream.

Expert Advice and Resources

While we applaud the DIY warriors of our community, at All About Curb, we also understand the benefits that having expert input can offer. That’s why we put all of our considerable design and material resources at the service of our clientele. Our team of designers can provide perspective and experience to ensure that your next project exceeds your standards. Together, we can provide your exterior space with form and definition that will take your curb appeal to the next level.

Color Your Curb or Blaze a Path

Stamped and Colored CurbingOur specialty is concrete. At All About Curb, we pride ourselves on knowing all the latest trends and techniques about its use. While our product is specially mixed to prevent erosion and efflorescence over time, making it superior to older mixtures and ideal for use in your landscaping projects, it also has other benefits.

Landscaping curb is an excellent alternative to metal or masonry when it comes to defining your planting beds. It holds up to whatever the seasons send its way without rusting, eroding or cracking. Plus, our team will work with you to select a color that perfectly compliments your garden design. If you have your heart set on masonry, we have a selection of concrete stamps that provide the look of brick or stone without the fuss of the real thing from herringbone brick or rustic fieldstone.

Our team at All About Curb is proud to be a part of the community. We’ve helped many homeowners increase the curb appeal and equity of their property over the years, and are excited to offer our services to you. If you’re ready to begin planning your landscape upgrades, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.