You can feel the approach of winter in the air. The days are growing shorter and our cold season has begun here in Utah. In this entry, we would like to talk about two pressing issues that face homeowners with older concrete on their property. While patios, pathways, and garden curbing can add allure and value to your land, when these fall into disrepair, they become both an eyesore and a potential hazard. At All About Curb, we believe in maximizing the beauty and value of your outdoor space, whether you’re settling in for decades or have decided it’s time to look for your next nest.

Salt and Water, Time and Temperature

As we said, there are two significant issues we’d like to tackle in this article—salt efflorescence and the impact of water infiltration in your concrete. Older homes have pathways, driveways, and patios that contain less advanced concrete. Over time, salt works its way out of the set mixture to emerge as white, flaky patches. While these may seem innocuous, what is occurring is not. You’re witnessing the slow degradation of the concrete matrix.

What’s happening is that salt crystals push through the dried concrete, creating minuscule voids as they go. Once the white patches appear on the surface, you may be confident that flaking and cracking of the concrete is the next step. These tiny voids paired with the damaged surface integrity are perfect pathways for water to get into the core of the concrete. When paired with the deep cold of Utah winters, this is a recipe for more significant problems and structural instability.

Because of its unique molecular characteristics, water expands when it freezes. This is how it fractures enormous boulders in the mountains and how it will fracture your pavement. Perhaps the most positive aspect of this process is that it takes time. A single season won’t leave your pathways or patios in ruins, but it could render them unsightly. And when it comes to curb appeal, that’s the last thing you want. All About Curb has the perfect solution to this minor nightmare. Our concrete is made with a unique admixture and the most advanced concrete technology—which means that you won’t see salt efflorescence and water intrusion is extremely unlikely in the years to come. In essence, our concrete has a longer and more beautiful lifespan.

We’re proud to offer this solution to the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, which we’ve served for many years. If you’re ready to replace your patchy or cracked walks, paths, and landscape curbing, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation.