As we approach midsummer, long days are often matched by soaring temperatures. This is definitely the season for evenings spent with friends under the open sky, but that pastime requires a suitable space for entertaining. Dedicated outdoor living areas add both value and beauty to any home. Let’s explore a couple of the ways in which our expert concrete craftspeople at All About Curb can help you shape your own summer oasis.

The Patio Is Where the Party Is

If you’ve been on the fence about creating an outdoor space large enough to accommodate friends, family, and neighbors for a social event, never fear. Our concrete experts are also adept at creative design techniques, and can assist you in crafting a patio that serves the purpose beautifully.

Many homeowners may be trapped in the concept of concrete as dull, rough, and gray, but it need be none of those things. We can pour your patio to specifications, complete with your favorite color scheme. Then, we’ll get to work applying stamping. We use a variety of patterns to mimic different materials, including fieldstone, brickwork, terrazzo, and many more.

Cool Shade, Moving Water

Water FeatureAnother exceedingly popular feature of many outdoor spaces is the inclusion of shaded Koi ponds. The Chinese carp is a symbol of transformation and potential held in reserve, but they are also a joy to watch. We at All About Curb know that, while prefabricated liners are touted as more durable, a poured concrete pond complete with coping around its edge is more cost effective. Not only is it often less expensive in the project stage, it also withstands all that the seasons can send its way.

Imagine if you will, a beautiful oasis of shade and dappled sunlight. Lozenges of reflected brilliance sequin the deeper shade of established planting beds, and a spacious seating area accommodates family or guests in comfort. Beneath the surface of a pond spread with water lilies, the graceful bodies of several fish turn slow circles. It’s a restful scene that is easily brought to life by our team of artisans, who work to realize your ideal outdoor creation.

As a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, All About Curb knows the value of excellence and consistency. If you’re ready to shape your outdoor space to meet your dreams, give us a call at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. We take pride in each project we bring to life, knowing its present and future value to homeowners.