Front PorchWhether you’re considering placing your house on the real estate market or content to settle into your nest for the foreseeable future, property value matters. One of the most overlooked aspects of how this value is determined is the outdoor space that surrounds the home. This involves more than simply keeping a tidy lawn. It’s all about curb appeal, which includes outdoor living and activity spaces.

 Adding Value to Real Estate

Have you ever seen homes that simply appear more welcoming because they have a lived-in look? If these properties were individuals who could speak or act, you might expect them to invite you to share a meal or have a conversation. Beyond tidy landscaping with plenty of beautiful flowers, these properties usually have outdoor living areas. Such spaces might be covered, as in the case of porches or sun-rooms, but they include patios, pathways, and conversation spaces of every shape and size.

Concrete is one of the essential ingredients you’ll need for any such sturdy, comfortable activity area. At All About Curb, we’ve made it our business to be the concrete experts. Whatever project design you’re dreaming of, we have the skills and the knowledge to make it a reality. Plus, we can craft a unique design utilizing the latest techniques in concrete pigmentation and impressions, which means you need not confine your dreams to a drab or unadorned concrete slab.

Nesting Benefits or Selling Points

Patio and PorchEntertaining in the home has become popular once more, which means that having a space in which to engage friends or special guests is an important feature of any property. With autumn approaching, staying cozy under the stars around a fire pit with a warming drink or playing camp out with the kids are just two of the wonderful ways a patio comes in handy.

During the last days of summer, al fresco evenings are still a possibility. One way to expand the space in which you can entertain is to design several small sitting areas on your property and link them with a smooth, easily navigated pathway. This allows you to stage your landscaping, using the seating patios as focal points to highlight your favorite bedding plants. Plus, it’s a major conversation point, since all the neighbors are sure to be impressed.

We’re proud to be a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties. At All About Curb, we think bringing together neighbors and entertaining should be easy, and our design teams are ready to help make your dreams come true. If you’re ready to enhance your home’s curb appeal, call us today at 801-369-4423 for a free consultation. We can’t wait to get started.